Which Stone Siding Should You Choose?

Stone siding looks beautiful on a home, but did you know there are different types to choose from? Increase the aesthetics when you choose one of these stone siding options for the exterior of your home.

Foam Panel Stone Siding

This lightweight option that is made from polyurethane may be the faux stone siding Phoenix AZ you’ve been searching for. It looks like real stone but is installed in panels. This reduces the cost of installation while maintaining long-term weather resistance.

Manufactured Stone Siding

This type of stone is made with cement. Molds are used to create a natural stone look, but the stones weigh less than solid rock. This reduces the cost of shipping the materials to your home. They are installed stone by stone to mimic the look of solid stone siding.

Solid Stone Siding

Natural stone has excellent durability and weather resistance. What hinders the construction is the weight of the rocks and the harvesting of the stones. Technology over the years has come up with many alternatives to solid stone to reduce the cost, but still obtain a natural stone look. If you choose solid stone, expect the costs to be high.

Natural Stone Cladding

This type of stone surface is cut and installed in slabs instead of individual stone pieces. The irregularities and staggered appearance of the surface look amazing when professionally installed. Since the back is flat, it installs tightly against your home to prevent future moisture and mold.

Stone Veneer Panel Siding

One of the best options that offer the natural stone look and feel with the ease of installation of panels is stone veneer siding. It’s durable, long-lasting and less expensive than natural stone. This siding looks unbelievable without draining your bank account.

Stone looks amazing on a home exterior and gives it a weathered, luxury look that stands the test of time. Choose one of the stone siding options above to improve the curb appeal of your house.