What’s Wrong With My Blender?

Is your blender leaving large chunks behind in your milkshake? Does it make weird noises or shake more than normal? Have you noticed a burning smell or smoke coming from it? These are common problems for many blender owners. Some of these issues can be resolved at home, some may require professional repair, and some need complete replacement. 

Motor Issues

If the problem stems from the motor itself, you will most likely need to take it to a repair shop or dispose of it and purchase a new one. The small, but powerful motors that blenders have are intricate and have to be precise. If one little component stops working effectively the entire motor may fail. If your blender starts making unusual sounds or smells like it is burning, the radial ball bearings Mesquite TX in the motor might be dull or broken. If it clunks or shakes violently, a broken gear might be to blame. 

Blade Issues

Chunky sauces instead of smooth or unusually long blend times may indicate broken or worn-out blades. You should regularly clean and inspect the blades before and after each use. Chipped, bent, rusted, or eroded blades can be frustrating and dangerous. You also should only blend items that your blender blades are rated for. Some blender blades are able to be removed for cleaning and sharpening and many blender manufacturers provide replacement blade options at much lower costs than buying a whole new blender.

Cleaning Issues

You should thoroughly clean all parts of your blender after each use. Many people neglect cleaning the base and the blades and only clean the glass or plastic pitcher component. While cleaning the pitcher portion is essential, you should also routinely clean debris off the blades and wipe down the base with a damp cloth to remove dust and food particles. Keeping all parts of your blender clean every time will help ensure it functions correctly for as long as possible. 

Consider these issues the next time you notice your blender malfunctioning to help you decide what to do.