Small Space and Too Much Stuff: How To Organize Your Tiny Home

Sometimes life puts you in a home that may just not fit all of your belongings. Perhaps you’re living somewhere with high property values. You may have downsized suddenly and aren’t willing to part with your belongings. Whatever the reason, sometimes tossing it all isn’t the right decision. Instead, there are options for making space for those things you can’t part with just yet. Here are some options definitely worth a try.

1. Use the Walls 

Without a ton of closet space, get creative by making use of the wall. Shelving can be added throughout the home, particularly above areas where you may need to grab things. Consider the kitchen, for example. If you lack cabinets, a few open shelves above a stove could give you easy access to the tools and cutlery. Use another shelf to stow extra towels.

2. Rely on Organizers

Add organizer tools to furniture and fixtures so that you can find papers and essential items without hassle. Hang them over a chair or on the sidearm of a sofa. Remotes, books and files slide in easily.

3. Rent a Storage Unit

Let’s face it. Some items can’t be squeezed into a little box or hideaway. If you know that your smaller home is temporary, then look into storage units near me Canon City CO. This space is air-conditioned and protected with safety features. While you’ll have to pay for the area, it’s a good spot to put belongings that aren’t needed all of the time. Holiday decoration, files and extra furniture could stay.

4. Purchase Hide-A-Way Furniture

Look for coffee tables, ottomans and other furniture that pull double-duty, allowing you to have functional furniture with extra storage room. Tuck away photo albums, magazines and games so that they remain out of sight.

It’s hard to have everything you want when you move into a smaller space, but there may be ways to get more out of the home. Consider how you might use areas for more than one thing and make use of the walls.