4 Tips To Stylishly Decorate Your Home With Older Furnishings

Whether you love antiques or happen to have access to older, cost-effective pieces of furniture, it is possible to decorate your home in a way that feels trendy and unified using old-fashioned furnishings. Achieving this good result, however, requires a bit of planning. Consider four ways to make your intergenerational interior design work beautifully.

1. Make Any Necessary Repairs

Just because an item is an antique doesn’t mean it has to show its age. It’s a good idea to address any problem spots on your furniture before starting to use them so the issue does not become worse. For instance, seek out professional rug repair Portland if your old-fashioned rug has loose threads or tears.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

If a wooden piece of furniture has scratches or fading patches on its surface, you may wish to refinish it. Try sanding down the whole surface and adding new stain or paint. Depending on the color of paint you choose, you may be able to tie an antique into your existing color scheme.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix and Match

Remember that interior design isn’t about buying sets of furniture where every piece matches or is closely coordinated with the others. A bit of variety adds interest to your decorative style. Consider placing items of very different generations all together in the same room.

4. Place Your Favorites Front and Center

Finally, don’t feel as though older furnishings should be placed in the background so as to not call too much attention to themselves. On the contrary, antiques are often unique and eyecatching and may make great centerpieces in various rooms.

Decorating your home elegantly doesn’t have to entail dropping a lot of cash at a nearby furniture store. Consider how recycled, old-fashioned, or handed-down pieces could become assets to your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

5 Ways To Maintain Your Marble Flooring

Marble floors add instant luxury to the aesthetic of your home and the gorgeous veining makes it unique in any space. It does require careful maintenance to ensure it lasts for years without losing its beauty. Here are five ways to make sure you’re caring for your marble floors as well as possible.

1. Use Gentle Cleaners

Marble is prone to etching, which are dull spots that occur on your marble because of acidic ingredients. Never use vinegar-based ingredients, abrasive cleaners or granite cleaners for your natural stone care Long Island upkeep or your floors will be destroyed.

2. Dust Mop Regularly

Dust particles and dirt can quickly mar the surface of your marble flooring. Use a natural dust mop with no cleaning pads attached to remove the dirt on your floor. Clean the mop after you use it so it’s prepared for the next session.

3. Blot Spills

Marble can easily stain, which means spills need to be blotted up immediately. Don’t smear the spill around or it can stain a larger area. Use gentle soap and some water to flush the area clean. Spot treat set-in stains that you didn’t notice with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

4. Monthly Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning with a neutral, soapless cleaner needs to happen monthly to prevent grimy build-up that can ruin your marble. In high-traffic areas, this deep clean may need to happen more frequently. You can do this yourself or hire professionals to complete this routine maintenance.

5. Use Mats or Rugs

Place mats or rugs in entryways, hallways and other heavily used areas to prevent damage from dirt and dust. Use non-skid mats underneath to keep them in place and avoid tripping hazards.

Enjoy the luxurious look of marble in your home for years when you take the time to care for it properly so it maintains its beautiful luster and shine.

How To Upgrade Your Home Design

Giving your home a facelift is a nice way to make it look and feel like new. You don’t need a lot of money to make changes that are noticeable. Learn more about how you can improve your home, even on a budget, and what can make the most noticeable difference.

Redecorate Your Kitchen

Since the kitchen is often used by the homeowners and guests alike, it makes sense to spend some money here. That way everyone can notice the difference and appreciate it. Sometimes it can even make your kitchen function in a more efficient manner. Think about upgrading appliances, like a new dishwasher or refrigerator. Or, consider spending money to have an island put in. If you’d rather make smaller improvements, there are plenty of other options to select from. 

Upgrade Your Dining Room

Decide to either change up the dining table and chairs, or you can freshen up the decor to make a noticeable difference. New dining chairs Toronto ON, can help your room look brand new. Think about adding art or other pictures to the wall. New lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier, can make it easier to see and even make the room look different. The dining room is another useful room to improve if you have guests over often or serve a lot of meals there rather than the kitchen.

Change The Bathroom

You can choose to change either the master bath, the guest bath, or all the bathrooms, depending on what you want done. When you cannot get a new tub or sink, the next best areas to work on are lights, adding shelving, putting plants in, and even hanging up artwork. 

No matter what your budget, you can find useful ways to give your home a facelift. Upgrading one of these rooms can make it look better and be even more useful.

The Top Signs of a Pest Infestation

When dealing with pests, there will be tangible signs for you to watch for. Some things to look for include buildup and grime on the walls, bite damage on paper and fabric, or smeared droppings. You may also smell weird odors in your crawlspace, attic, or basement. Be sure to check these areas that are prone to pests regularly to see if there are any changes.

Being able to identify a pest infestation will help you keep your home and property pest-free. You will even find that some services that offer free pest inspections Sacramento CA, which will let you know for sure if there is an issue. Keep reading to learn some of the top signs of a pest problem.

A Grimy Buildup

It doesn’t matter what type of pest infestation you are dealing with; these unwelcome visitors will be making a mess somewhere. Beetles, spiders, rodents, and bugs all prefer darker, humid, enclosed areas. This is why you should begin looking for the signs of an issue in the attic or basement. Be sure to look near the edges of the walls, close to window frames, under furniture, and in high and low areas in your home. You may find things like discarded hair, dirt smudges, food remains, and grease stains where the pests have been.


Pests don’t clean up after themselves. That is one of the reasons they are referred to as “pests.” Because of this, you may see their waste around your home. Look for small droppings near the areas mentioned above.

If you have a pest problem, make sure you don’t ignore it. The longer the issue goes on unchecked, the more issues that may arise because of it. Keep the information above in mind to handle any pest issue you may be dealing with and to get rid of pests once and for all.

Ways To Increase Your Home’s Energy Use

Are you looking for ways to save money? Do you spend too much money heating and cooling your home? Don’t break the bank trying to keep your home comfortable to live in. Follow these easy steps to ensure that you aren’t throwing your money away each month. 

Check Your Windows

Old windows can allow the air in your home to fly right out of them. Single pane windows don’t offer much protection from the elements, and they can cause heating and air conditioning units to continually run to keep the room temperatures where you want them to be. Additionally, old caulking on windows can allow air to seep in and out.  Run your hand on your window and see if you feel any air seeping in. If you feel air coming in, you might want to think about replacement windows Atlantic County NJ services. 

Update the Insulation

Attic insulation deteriorates over time and can be a significant cause of poor energy use in homes. You want to make sure that the insulation is above your floor joists. If you can see the beams, or if the insulation is well below them, you need to update your insulation. Additionally, you want to inspect for any low spots that might have happened over time. You want insulation that is uniformly above the joists in all areas. 

Upgrade Your System

If you have an old heating or cooling system, you could be throwing your money straight out the window. Old systems use a lot more energy to stay at your desired temperature. Furthermore, older systems aren’t one size fits all in terms of homes. If you have updated or changed your home, you might have outgrown the reach of your heating and cooling system. Luckily, many cities and counties offer rebate programs for homes that upgrade their units.  

Design Tips for Master Bedroom Lighting

Decorating your master bedroom can seem tricky — you want a space that is cozy and uncluttered but still functional. Paying attention to the lighting in the space is an important layer in the final design. Since most people use their bedrooms for multiple purposes, more than one type of lighting is needed. Here are some lighting types to consider for your master bedroom.

Ceiling Lights

Overhead lights provide more light than is often needed in a bedroom, but they’re a good option when you’re getting dressed or putting on makeup, where bright light is needed to see colors clearly. You can do double duty by having an electrician who provides home electric services Washington DC install a ceiling fan over your bed. Choose one with a remote control for easy adjustments. If you’re not thrilled with the look of standard ceiling fans, look for a designer fan that fits your room’s decor.

Reading Lights

Settling into bed with a good book is the best way to end the day for many people. Your overhead lighting will be too bright overall and may cast shadows on your book. Install reading lights on both sides of the bed to ensure a pleasant reading experience. A table lamp on a nightstand is a simple option, but if you’d like to free up space on your bedside table, consider wall sconces or floor lamps instead.

Other Lights

Installing small lights that can highlight a favorite work of art on your bedroom walls is a great way to add interest to your space. You can also use accent lights to illuminate houseplants. Many people like to include dim lights near doorways that can serve as nightlights so that turning on brighter lights can be avoided at night. Be sure to include lighting in your design when you’re creating your master bedroom. The right lighting can make a space perfect for using many different ways.

Making Your Home Special

Making your home look and feel special may seem like a big job when you’re also trying to run a busy household. There are a few designer tips that you can incorporate to create a unique living space that fits in with your family’s lifestyle.

Add Upgraded Touches

Designer homes may seem like they are decorated from top to bottom, but chances are homeowners focus on a few special pieces to create distinctive interiors Boston MA. Depending on what’s important to you will change which features you upgrade. For example, if your sofa gets a lot of action from rambunctious children, buy a sturdy one with stain-resistant fabric, but decorate it with velvet throw pillows and an ultra-soft sofa blanket. If you have a formal entry hall, hang a gorgeous chandelier to welcome visitors. 

Use Color

Interior designers aren’t afraid to go bold, and neither should you be. Choose an accent color and repeat it in various shades throughout the room to tie the whole look together. Walls can be painted a light shade of blue, for example. Throw rugs and pillows can be cobalt. A lampshade can have a flower pattern that includes blue petals. Any color will work as long as the color theme runs through the entire room. 

Embrace the Outdoors

One way to make your home look special is to furnish your patio. Go beyond box store folding lawn chairs and purchase comfortable cushioned seating, a fire pit or table, an umbrella for shade and lighting. Anyone who sees your house will know that this is a family that enjoys spending time together because of the thoughtful use of outdoor space. 

Making your home feel and look special should be a labor of love, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Expert decorators will tell you that the first step is to design a space that everyone loves to be in and then go from there. 

Benefits of Using Indoor Recessed Lighting

When it comes to making choices about illuminating your home, recessed lighting has a lot of benefits that will change the way your rooms look and feel.

Tight Spaces

Recessed lighting St Petersburg offers a minimalistic look and is especially useful in rooms where hanging lights are not a good fit, such as rooms with low ceilings. Because of that, it is common to find this type of lighting in basements. The waterproof nature of recessed lighting makes it a good candidate to install above bathroom showers.

Four Bulb Types

Recessed lighting typically works with four assorted bulb types. Before picking out the bulbs you want for your home, note the location and function the light will have. The reflector bulb is covered with a reflective material in the back and sends the light down into the room. The bulged reflector bulb is specially designed to send even more light into the room than the ordinary reflector bulb. Both the reflector and the bulged reflector bulbs offer a broader radiance.

The parabolic aluminized reflector bulb and the multifaceted reflector bulb work great for highlighting your favorite painting or sculpture. Both have a direct and tighter beam, which draws your attention just as a spotlight might in a drama.


Besides centering the beam on a piece of art, recessed lighting creates a certain mood in a room or directs your attention to a focal point. Some people have used this lighting on mantels or in reading areas, creating a soft, inviting glow. Other homeowners have enjoyed the ambiance created when light is focused on kitchen islands and placed under kitchen counters. Wherever you choose to put these lights, doing so is sure to change the atmosphere.

Recessed lighting is a versatile and creative form of lighting that will upgrade your home and bring years of enjoyment.

Spring Cleaning Tops for Wiping Away Winter’s Grime

While spring cleaning first came about as a cultural ritual to welcome the change of seasons, it later became a time to wipe away soot from kerosene lamps. Today, homeowners continue the practice both as a ritual and a practical cleaning. Because the task can be time-consuming, brush up on these tips for making the process go smoothly.

Clean From Ceiling to Floor

Using a step stool, reach up and dust the corners of each room where cobwebs may have formed, or use a long-handled duster if you want to stay on the ground. Clean the walls from top to bottom with a damp rag so that dirt falls to the floor before you vacuum. After cleaning the baseboards, use a dust mop on wooden floors and a vacuum with a HEPA filter to get all the heavy dirt out of the rugs and carpets.

Change Filters

Spring is the optimal time to have your air conditioner or combination furnace unit inspected and maintained by Canton OH quality HVAC equipment technicians. Minimally, you should have your filter replaced as part of your cleaning routine.

Wipe Down Cabinets

When the bright sun hits your kitchen cabinets, you may be surprised at the amount of gunk that has built up. Wipe the wood down with a damp cloth, but dry it immediately to avoid damage. Avoid soap and excess water, a cleaner combination that will dull the finish.

Squeegee Windows

Finally, clean the house’s windows both inside and out. You will be amazed at how invigorated you feel to see the spring sun shining through your crystal-clear glass. Mix water and vinegar for streak-free results, and work from top to bottom once again.

Nothing puts dreary winter memories to sleep like walking through your newly sparkling house; it is like crawling out of the fog of deep hibernation. To get that freshly awakened feel, make the most of your annual spring cleaning ritual.

The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

When you decide to make some changes to your home’s interior, you may be tempted to do it yourself. However, the reality is that there can be many benefits to hiring an interior designer. If you think that an interior designer could be just what you need, here are some things to consider. 

Interior Designers Can Help You Realize Your Vision

Whether you are looking for something stark and modern or you would like a farmhouse style interior designer Denver CO hiring an interior designer can be a great way to make sure that your vision for your home becomes a reality. Because they have extensive training and can understand what makes a particular style unique, an interior designer can easily help give your home just the look that you want. 

Interior Designers Have Access to Other Professionals

Another benefit of an interior designer is that they have access to more materials and other professionals than you might on your own. This means that if you need to contract others to do work on your home, they can help you find the right professionals for you. 

Interior Designers Can Stick to a Budget

Yet another reason that interior designers can be helpful is that they can make sure that you stick to a budget. While some may think that they are good at budgeting on their own, the reality is that many may not always realize what the true cost of certain projects is. Interior designers tend to know how much it will cost to complete a particular project and can make sure that you get the design you want on a budget that works for you. 

When you are looking into making changes to your home, you may be tempted to just do the work yourself. The reality is, though, that there can be many benefits to seeking out the help of a professional interior designer.