Complete these Projects Before Summer Ends

It may seem like summer will never end, but the truth is that cooler weather will be here before you know it. This means you should make time to complete some of those high priority projects around the home before fall sets in, such as these ones below. 


Your gutters play an important role in protecting your home and its structural integrity. By keeping them in good condition, your gutters will be able to direct water, dirt, and other debris away from your home so that your foundation stays intact. If your gutters are in disrepair, consider a gutter replacement St Louis to ensure you keep your home properly protected. 


You likely completed some landscaping work at the beginning of the season to prep your home for summer. However, as the weather changes and you prepare for colder weather, you’ll have to weatherize your plants and other landscaping to ensure they last the winter months. Start prepping to get your landscaping ready now so you don’t find yourself short on time at the end of the season. 

Sealant Repairs

If you haven’t had a chance to get around to sealing those cracks, gaps, and other areas around your home where your home is exposed to energy loss and unwanted pests, now is the time to get that project checked off your list. As the weather cools down, bugs and other unwanted critters will begin to look for shelter from the elements, and your home is a perfect space. Sealing off those areas of your home can deter them from an infestation. As an added bonus, you’ll also protect your home from energy loss, which can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the years on your heating and cooling bills. 

If you can get these projects done while the weather is still cooperative, you’ll be in good shape for those cold, harsh months ahead. 

Ideas to Spruce up Your Home’s Exterior

After years of living in your home, you may be ready for a change. Rather than looking for a new place to live, many homeowners often choose to spruce up their home so that it feels fresh and exciting. If you’re ready to give your home a new look, here are some helpful ideas to get you started. 

Try New Gutters

Not only do gutters protect your home by diverting water dirt, and debris away from its foundation, they also give it a nice, polished look. If you don’t have gutters or yours look like they’ve seen better days, schedule a gutter installation Vancouver for your home. You’ll notice a difference when it’s finished and your home will have added protection from the elements. 

Add Some Color

A nice pop of color can add some interest to your home and even make a bold statement. Don’t be afraid to paint your door a bright, bold color that will contrast with the rest of your home. It will show off your personality and spruce up your exterior without making a huge dent in your wallet. While you’re giving your front door a new coat of paint, you may want to consider swapping out your house numbers for a new font that will match your fun door. 

Install Planter Boxes

For an instant lift, build or buy some window boxes to place around your home. Window boxes are a great way to add some excitement around your home and don’t take much time or effort to install. Plant your favorite flowers or other greenery in them for additional curb appeal. 

There are dozens of projects you can complete around your home to spruce up its curb appeal and make it feel like an entirely new home. Try some of these fun ideas and you’ll feel like you’re living in a brand new space. 

The Dangers of Letting Corrosion Grow

There are many things in the environment that are corrosive, or capable of damaging and destroying metal. If left unaddressed, corrosion can eventually cause damage to humans, creating problems with the respiratory and digestive tracts, the skin, and the eyes. In the most severe situations, the effects of corrosion can be life-threatening.

Where Corrosion Like to Hide

Any material can have an adverse reaction to the environment around it. If this happens, deterioration occurs that can lead to corrosion. In many commercial settings, you will find damage to iron, steel, or metal, everywhere from warehouse tanks and cylinders, to pipework, rails, and bridges. Once corrosion begins, is it certain that structural failure is inevitable. Key risks with corrosion include:

  • Loss of equipment longevity
  • Increased risk of injury to employees or the general public
  • Reduced value for a building, location, or piece of equipment,
  • Pipe blockages leading to mechanical failure for pumps and valves
  • Increased potential for gas or chemical leaks
  • Potential contamination of liquids contained in corroded vessels or pipes

The Cost of Corrosion

Though many of the problems with corrosion affect the industrial sector, the heavy cost of corrosion is the impact it makes on human life. It endangers public safety and creates additional expenses for the costs to repair parking structures, bridges, and signs. Electrical towers are in jeopardy, as are traffic lights and street lighting. Corrosion costs the nation hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Fix for Corrosion

In addition to relying on stellite manufacturing to produce quality coatings for materials, more consistent use of thermal sprays can help reduce material degeneration. Many household items are already equipped with protective barriers, but technology can improve the delivery and quality of these protections.

Unless protective measures are taken, corrosion has the potential to wreak havoc on the nation’s infrastructure, industries, and public health.

4 Prep Areas to Address Before Clearing Your Land

If you’ve purchased a property and need to have the land cleared, there are several things you need to do before you can start the process. A complete land clearing will remove plants rocks, and other debris from the property, and it is often done by clearing contractors like those working in agricultural excavation Houston TX areas.

Start With Zoning Laws

Before you know what work can be done, you need to check with your local zoning office. The zoning laws are often divided by category, and officials can tell you if a permit is required and the cost to obtain one. Not having a permit could result in steep fines and serious delays with your building project.

Research Local Contractors

While there are many rental service companies that can provide some tools to help with land clearing, you are better off hiring an expert. They don’t all specialize in the same area of clearing, so know the scope of your project before hiring someone. You will also want to make sure they have a business license and insurance. The right contractor can make sure your job is done timely and safely.

Mark the Land

Depending on the extent of the clearing, you may need to worry about buried gas lines or field lines. If you are building, you will also need to mark the footprint of any buildings or structures being erected on the property. You may need to have a surveyor come out before this is done to document the boundaries of your property and the different elements of the topography.

Decide Your Budget

How much you are willing to spend influences how much land clearing will be done. If the terrain is woodsy or sloped, it will increase the price of services. Different land types affect what type of equipment will be needed.

Land clearing isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Make sure you prepare your property before getting an estimate from a clearing company.  

How To Tell if Your Chimney Needs Repaired

If your home has a natural fireplace, you probably love spending long nights by the fire with your favorite book. However, that first chilly night after a long summer can pose a threat if you haven’t properly maintained your chimney. Even if you have, unexpected damage could be hiding where you can’t see it. Check out these signs that you need repair or new chimney construction Philadelphia PA.

You Notice Debris in the Firebox

Have you noticed black, crumbling soot in the firebox even though you clean it regularly? It could be creosote, a combustible material that builds up within the chimney and poses a fire hazard. The situation is even more serious if you see what looks like broken pieces of a flower pot in your firebox. Many old homes have terra-cotta chimneys. Finding pieces of it means the chimney’s liner was likely damaged during a fire. Each of these problems could cause an even larger fire next time. Avoid using your fireplace until a certified chimney sweep inspects it.

There Are Changes Within Your Walls

Have your framed pictures been falling off the walls around your fireplace lately? Has your paint been bubbling or peeling? Your chimney could be the culprit. When heat escapes a damaged chimney and finds its way to your home’s wood framing, it quickly pulls away moisture and creates dry wood and a serious fire hazard. If you notice anything out of the ordinary about your walls, stop using your fireplace and contact a professional.

You Smell More Smoke Than You Should

Naturally, you’ll notice slight odors of smoke when you light a fireplace most of the time. However, it should never be overwhelming. If spending time in front of the fireplace becomes uncomfortable because of excessive odor, the chimney may need to be repaired. It most certainly does if you notice the odor in any other room in the house. If you begin to smell too much smoke, put out your fire and call 911. The fire department can use special tools to see any fire in the chimney or walls and instruct you to contact someone for chimney repair if needed.

Your home’s chimney should be inspected at least once per year to ensure it’s safe and in good working order. Contact a professional as soon as possible if you know yours is behind schedule.

Why You Should Hire Professionals for Commercial Roofing

A roof is a vital element of your commercial property. It protects the entire structure, valuable possessions, and occupants from intruders and weather elements. You should, therefore, hire a roofing company Raleigh NC for inspections, repairs, and maintenance, even if you have in-house maintenance employees. Here are more benefits of engaging professionals for commercial roof repair.

Detailed Inspection

A roof inspection can be an intricate process that is often best handled by experienced professionals. It involves checking the roofing material and gutters for signs of damage or possible future damage. Roofing contractors should have the skills, tools, equipment, and technology required to identify damaged parts or signs of water beneath the roofing materials.


Experience is king when it comes to commercial roofing repair and maintenance. The leading roofing contractors have generally undergone training in roof installation and repair, and they often spend most of their time inspecting, installing, and fixing damaged roofs. They should have extensive knowledge and experience to handle a broad range of commercial roof repair projects.

Saving Time

A commercial roofing expert can take just a few hours to complete a project that might take nonprofessionals days or weeks. Roofing contractors can apply the most efficient approach to repair damaged roofs. They should know what it takes to fix the damaged roofs, and you can trust their skills, equipment, and experience. Professionals should get the roof of your commercial property correctly repaired within the shortest time possible.


Falling accidents are real in the roofing industry. Professional roofing should contractors understand the risk and invest in the best safety gear. They often undergo safety training, acquire safety resources, and buy insurance coverage to mitigate the risks. By hiring professionals, you can protect yourself from unforeseen safety issues that may arise in your commercial property.

Make the Right Choice

The roof of commercial property needs extra care and attention for the safety of the entire structure, occupants, and the contents within. Invest in quality roofing materials and hire an experienced roofing contractor for repair and maintenance. Your roof should then remain in good condition and will likely serve you for a long time.

Why You Should Consider Pool Remodeling

As a homeowner, you enjoy owning your own pool. Swimming is an enjoyable way to exercise and you can do it right at home. You don’t have to go to the gym or visit a public pool. But maybe you want to give your pool new life or you might want to make your pool more energy-efficient. Perhaps you want to change up your pool to match your newly renovated home. Whatever the case, pool remodeling may be right for you. Whether you want to make your pool more kid-friendly or improve its functionality, you should consider pool remodeling round rock tx. There are so many benefits this service has to offer.

Better Energy Efficiency

One benefit you can get from remodeling your pool is making it more energy-efficient. This is done by changing the plumbing system and changing the electrical fitting. As a result, you’ll be saving more energy, which translates to savings on your monthly energy bill. This can be especially true if you have an older pool. While the plumbing and electrical system are both doing their jobs, these systems might be using more energy than they need to. Therefore, a pool remodeling project can provide you with upgrades, such as variable speed pool pumps.

New Features

Not only can remodeling your pool give it a new look, but it can also add new features. For example, you can add on a hot tub or spa, new pool coping or a new, trending design. The options are virtually endless when it comes to pool remodeling. You can customize your pool to your liking. 

If you’re renovating your home, pool remodeling may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it should at least be a consideration. After all, your pool should look great too.

Tips for Maintaining an Attractive Driveway

It might sound strange, but your driveway is a part of your home even though you don’t give it much thought. It pretty much exists for you to park your car on. However, a driveway can be a large part of your land, so make the best of it. Here are four tips to make your driveway look sleek and attractive.

Seal and Patch

One of the smartest things you can do for your driveway is to patch any holes and seal it. Applying driveway sealer Columbia SC not only makes your driveway look top-notch, but it also forms a rubberized barrier protecting it from moisture and chemicals. It also shields it from sun damage and extends its life.

Flower the Edge

A driveway can look utterly amazing if you use it to showcase your potted plants or shrubs. Lining the driveway with beautifully colored flowers extends a garden from the back to the front of the house. This feast for the eyes makes your entire house look beautiful. Your plants will also benefit from being closer and easier to water.

Keep It Weeded

One of the cheapest and quickest ways to make your driveway look sharp is to remove any weeds that poke their way through the cracks. Weeds can show up almost overnight and before you know it, the driveway is full of them. Pulling them out and using spray killer on tough areas will have your driveway looking brand new again.

Install a Heating Element

If you live in a snowy part of the country, this suggestion could be a dream come true. A heating element, installed under the asphalt, can actually help melt your snow. This is a unique solution for people that can’t shovel and it helps keep the driveway clear all winter. 

Use It to Your Advantage

A driveway is a necessary part of your home, but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. A space that big has a huge potential to make your property look incredible. Use it to your advantage.

Tips for Seasonal Home Maintenance

For a first-time homeowner, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the quirks your house has to offer and be unsure about what to expect in each of the seasons. In these first few years, you might be in for a few surprises, but with some careful attention, you can prepare your budget and your time for years to come.

Winter Is Coming

Living in a colder climate, you may be expecting to shovel your sidewalk from time to time after a blizzard. But there are other things to be aware of, including the snow load on roof, the windows allowing cold air to seep inside, and learning which materials won’t pock your sidewalk while giving the postman’s shoes something to grip.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Preparing for spring may mean discovering places where your basement floods or your lawn grow thistles. You may find yourself deciding between push mowers and lawn services, learning how to aerate your yard and how to maintain the underbrush. This is a good time to check the attic as well and prevent unwanted houseguests.

Summer Loving

Oppressive humidity may make you want to stay inside, but it is important to keep up on regular maintenance during this season. Touching up paint on your fence and window sills, power washing the driveway, cleaning out the gutters, and checking on your smoke detectors and drains are all useful summer projects.

Keeping on top of maintenance season by season allows you to be aware of the special attention your new house needs. Whether this is your forever home or a starter house, being aware of the necessary evils of home ownership and addressing problems as they arise before they become too big to handle will allow this place to be a much more peaceful one.